What is Copywriting and how to become a Copywriter?


What is Copywriting and how to become a Copywriter?
What is Copywriting and how to become a Copywriter?

You’re reading this blog post because you want to know what about copywriting or you want to become a copywriter and how do you get into it?

Just like you, at a time I had no idea what copywriting was. I thought it has to do with intellectual property, like patent and trademark and all these things. I thought the word was copyright, R-I-G-H-T which means that you have the exclusive right to distribute or sell someone else’s work. It could be a book. It could be music or an image, or things like that.

Copywriting is a skill that can transform your financial life forever. Copywriting is a skill that few persons in the world understand and possess. It is a special skill that, once you master it, you will never have to worry about money again. You will have the power to generate income on-demand or to launch or start or grow any business that you desire.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the ability to use written words to persuade someone to take action. Now, that could be to respond to a message that you wrote, It could be to purchase your product. It could be to click on a link or buy this or take this sort of action.

It is the ability to persuade, influence, and engage. That’s what copywriting is. It’s not about writing. It is about closing (i.e converting).

So copywriting has a lot to do with closing and selling and has very little to do with writing, because if it has alot to do with writing or academic writing, then all the professors, all the teachers, all the English teachers, they would be successful copywriters. That’s not the key.

Why Copywriting?

Do you know that copywriters are among some of the highest-paid people in the world, and yet most people don’t even know this profession exists?

“Look around you, Look everywhere, every single letter that you get in the mail, every TV that you watch, every single product you buy in your life right now, because a copywriter came up with the concept, came up with the brand, wrote the message, and that’s what persuades you to buy everything around you.

The movie that you watch, the script, the storytelling, the donation letter that’s asking you to donate money, every single thing in your life, everywhere, it’s a copy.

Do you see it? A copy is everywhere. It is a multi-trillion dollar industry, and yet no one knows that this profession exists. Everyone goes to school and they say they wanna be an accountant. I want to be a lawyer. I want to be a doctor. I want to be an engineer. No one knows that this profession exists.

There is a reason good copywriters cost tens of thousands of dollars. It’s easy to learn the basics but difficult to master, it takes time, education, testing, and consistency. But once mastered, it is the ultimate superpower.

The true beauty of copywriting on the internet is, You craft your message and you can present them to millions of people in their homes at your convenience. It is a timeless skill you must learn if you want to become rich online. The vehicle changes but the skill set don’t, Video, Webpage, Podcast, Letter, the results remain the same.

Let give you an example.

Let’s say that there’s a company. They’re selling a product online and they have a landing page. Now, in case you don’t know what a landing page is, it’s a page that makes an offer to sell the products.

Let’s say they’re doing $100,000 a year in revenue with that particular product on this page, and let’s say that page is converting at 1%, meaning that, for every 100 visitors that opens the page,

one person would buy. So 1% conversion.

and let’s say, as a copywriter, you’re able to look at the page and you make some tweaks, you change the headline, you change the offer, you change the guarantee, maybe the call to action,

you tweak the page a bit, and now, instead of converting at 1%, this page is converting now at 2%. Now I want you to think about, comment below, what has just happened?

What have you done as a copywriter?

Here’s what you’ve done.

you’ve just doubled the revenue for this company, from $100,000 to $200,000, without adding an extra dollar for marketing.

Are they spending more money? – No.

Do they need more people seeing the page? – No.

Are you adding more things to the product, that it costs more, features? – No.

All you have done is changing a few words or how the offer or the message is being communicated to the marketplace.

Do you see the power of this? That is the power of copywriting.

The next question you might have is,

How do I become a copywriter?

You see, maybe you wanna become a copywriter because you know how much income you could generate as a copywriter.

if you’re good, that you have the ability to work from home or work from anywhere that you want, that you could work when you want, with whom you want. Maybe you know because, as a copywriter, it doesn’t require you to have a degree, nor to have a lot of capital to start off with.

3 Crutial Tips on How to be a Copywriter

The following tips should help you steer the path of a copywriter;

  1. Start with a Focus Market

You see, a lot of copywriters, one of the mistakes that they make is they try to be everything to everyone. Imagine you’re sitting down with a potential client who wants to hire you as a copywriter and they ask you,

So what’s you’re expertise? What can you write on? What kind of topics, what kind of industries do you focus on?

And you say, “Oh yeah, I can write for any industries. I can write about the fitness industry. I can write for the business industry. I can write B2B, B2C, it doesn’t matter. I can write about them all, I can write an email, I can write landing pages.

You try to be everything to everyone. A jack of all trades, master of none. When you’re getting started, it’s much better to focus on one sector, one industry. Something that you’re passionate about, something that you have an interest in.

For example, let’s say if you like to fashion, that you’re interested in Styling and Looking good. Well, focus on that, just the fashion niche.

Even within the fashion niche, that is such a broad topic, a broad industry, and you just focus on, you know what?

I’d like just to focus on the adult’s shoe part, or just to help women get a wedding gown or clothing for children between the age of 3 to 7.

I mean that specific. You have chosen one thing because the longer you’re in it, the more insights you’ll get, the more you’ll understand your target market and serve them better.

This way, when a company hires you, you will have insights that you can bring to the table

and say,

“Hey, you know what? – I’ve been selling to this industry for so and so amounts of years, for so and so amount of months. I know what these customers want.”

See, that is something that you can bring to the table that is very, very valuable as a copywriter.

So focus on one industry to start off with. Once you get better, you could diversify, maybe two or three within the same category. But I’d recommend stick with one market.

2. Make it easy for your Prospect to say “YES”

Some copywriters have such a big ego that they feel like, they haven’t done a lot, but they feel like,

“Oh, I’m so special. “Look at me, I’m a copywriter, so pay me all this money.”

They ask for outrageous fees without a lot of track records to back up whatever the fees that they’re charging.

As a beginner in Copywriting, You should attempt what is called the do or die copywriting.

For instance, you could approach prospects and say,

Hey, you know what? – I know you and me, we’ve never worked together. – I know what I could do for you. – I will look at your campaign, I will look at your marketing, I will look at your letters, I looked at whatever that you’re doing right now, and I believe I could produce more results for you. I’m not here to be an expense for you.

I’m here to be a revenue generator. I want whatever you pay me, it pays for itself, the minute, the day that you use what I wrote for you, it would pay for itself.

So here’s what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna take a look at your marketing, maybe it’s a letter, maybe it’s direct mail or electronic mail, maybe it’s a landing page, it doesn’t matter. Let me re-write that for you, let me write that for you. If you don’t like it, don’t pay me. If you like it and you use it, then pay me X amount.”

That’s it, You have made them an offer that they most likely cannot refuse, it’s that simple.

Now listen, you might have some clients, some prospects who will take advantage of you, who will actually like your stuff and wouldn’t want to pay.

It’s all practice anyway, you busy learning what’s working and what’s not but as a result, you will able to get more clients, and out of those, some would say; “Hey, this is great work. I’m more than happy to hire you. In fact, I wanna hire you on a retainer basis, so you can write for us on a monthly basis.”

That’s how you should be started, nothing fancy.

see, You’ve made it easy for the prospects to say “YES”.

3. Earn while you Learn

You see, unlike traditional education, What do you have to do? You go through four years of college, Whatever profession, maybe five or more years of college, right?

You go through that. You might borrow money, get into debt, and all that student loan. Then by the time you graduate, now you’re in debt. You’ve borrowed money. Now you start earning, you get that job that you kind of want. But you’re still not earning yet because all the debt that you’ve accumulated in school, now you’ve got to pay those off. Only after you pay those off, who knows how many years it would take, then you start earning.

Well, copywriting is not like that. That’s not what you need to do.  You could be learning for months before you get your real clients. As soon as you start taking on clients, You will be earning while learning. because you see, copywriting is not something that you just read from a book.

You can learn something from it, but you learn more by doing it and practicing, trying new methods day by day, you learn by actually getting started, you learn by writing, working with clients, seeing what works in the marketplace, and then you will get insights that will get you data.

Hey, you know what? – When I write this way, it gets this kind of response. When I write that way, it doesn’t get that kind of response.

See, that’s something that no-one can take away from you. That is valuable because that’s your experience which you won’t get until you’re working with people.

So you can earn while you learn. You don’t have to wait till four years and then, now you can start earning, NO.

You’re earning, and the longer you’re in it, the more you’re going to earn, the more people will pay you, and the smarter that you’ll get.

That’s exactly how it works. So in order to become a good copywriter, you have to make a decision, that this is a skill that you’re going to master no matter what.

It’s not gonna be overnight but at the same time, it doesn’t take as long as you might think. What you need to do is to dedicate yourself and make a decision of what you want to achieve, make a decision that you want to become the best copywriter that you could be known in your chosen market.



That’s it. Now, You know Why Copywriting is among the 3 Important Online Business Skills You Should Learn This Year. 

Although, Watching videos and reading books would help but practice would help more.

Do you have some thoughts? Share with us in the comment below and don’t forget to share with others in case you loved the post.

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