5 Crucial Ways for better and Faster Decision Making in Business

Your success is largely determined by the choices you make. Learn how to improve yours, and watch your business grow.

Decision making

Decision making is a skill every business needs in order to grow.

When it comes to decision making, a simple delay can slow you down and make you worry — the decision will still be there waiting for you in the end. 

An average human makes tons of decisions daily, so learning to make faster decisions saves a lot of time at the end of the day.

It is not about making faster decisions, you should learn to make better decisions too. Better decisions are part of the process of reaching your goals.

decision making

You might be wondering: “How do you make faster and better decisions”?

In as much as there is no hack to making faster decisions, there are a couple of things you need to remove from your life to enable this faster-decision-making process.

Before we proceed, there is a lot to gain when you make faster decisions. Here are a few to mention:

  • Making important decisions in less time means more power and control over your business and life.  
  • It also means that you will have the opportunity to gain the trust of clients.  
  • Being able to make important decisions will enhance your business and personal life.

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What to do before making any decision

The best way to make better decisions that are within your set goal is to ask yourself some important questions.

  • Do I have all the information I need to make a correct decision? What decisions do I have?
  • What happens if I make the wrong decision?
  • Have I ever needed to make a similar decision in the past? If so, what was the outcome?
  • What is my intuition telling me to do?

Do answer these questions genuinely and possibly write the answers down. As the answers to these questions will help you make better decisions.

Listening to your intuition/instinct/gut is most effective when you make personal decisions. Statistics have it that 68 percent of the time, intuition leads to the best decisions.

Weigh your options, weigh their pros and cons and go for the option that leads to your set goal, do not forget your set goal because your success is determined by your decisions.

How To make Better and Faster Decisions

Like earlier stated, there is no hack to making faster decisions but there are things to remove from your life to aid faster-decision-making.

Below are five things to let go of so that you can make faster decisions.

1. Stop Overthinking


Stop overthinking things, it is good to be confident in your decisions or actions but have it at the back of your palm that you don’t have control over the outcome.

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Being Confident could lead to the desired result in your decision making.

When you seem and sound confident about decisions, people will also feel confident about it, therefore would also want to help you achieve the desired outcome.

So ease your self some stress and save time by not overthinking.

2. Avoid Distraction


When making decisions, it is ideal to be in a friendly environment. An environment where you will be free from distractions and focus on one thing at a time.

You can as well turn off your phone if needed and clear your desk. Time management is key!

3. Eliminate Fear


Fear affects your decision making ability. It will not do you any good. Be afraid or not during the decision making has little or nothing to do with expected outcome.

Fear is arguably one of the biggest reason why people procrastinate and are also afraid of taking steps.

Fear of making the wrong decisions most often leads to actually making the wrong decision.

What is the solution? Focus on now, don’t consume yourself with what will happen next.

4. Reduce Instant Decision Making

Instant decision making could affect our ability to make better decisions.

Perhaps, Most of the decisions we make are the ones we see coming but decided to let them off since they seemed unimportant or not very urgent.

Usually, everything you need to decide on can be done in advance. Set aside some hours to plan your week. Although there are times where you have to make a split-second decision, such decisions are unseen.

5. Setting Priorities


Prioritize crucial decisions to be made first, in order to avoid being stressed.

When we don’t make crucial decisions on time, our brain tends be stressed out, therefore affecting our decision making ability.

There are some things you can’t stop thinking about unless you attend to them.

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We tend to spend time thinking about unimportant things or things that are less important while leaving the important ones unattended to.

Stop spending a lot of trying on things like trying to figure out what to wear, this is rather an unimportant decision that drains your time and energy. It is ideal to plan your wardrobe for the week ahead.


Being able to make faster and better decisions will improve your personal life and business. 

It is a skill that must be developed in order to be fully effective but if you apply what you have learned, you are well on your way to becoming an effective decision-maker.

Tell us, in the comment below, what do you do in your daily or business life that aids you in better decision making?

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