6 Instagram Growth Hacks No one talks about

Today I’m going to show you six Instagram hacks that very few people know about.

Well, some people might know about it, but hardly talk about it or out it into practice.

In fact, I’ve used this Little Known tips to Increase my Engagement Rates, Followers, and also gain more Views on my stories.

I’m sure you are sick of reading the same Old Strategies, then You will LOVE this hacks.

How I changed my Instagram Growth Game

I know, I was like most people, that just created an Instagram Account.

When I first joined Instagram, I was desperate to gain a lot of followers.

I tried different Strategies.

Like for like, Follow for Follow, Engagements and DM groups.

For that period, everything looked great for me.

Cus I was Crushing it. (Well, I thought so)

Unfortunately, That was for the short term.

Then I realized, most the Followers I gained through this “Not-So-Algorithm-Friendly” Technique Started to Unfollow my account.

And the few ones left hardly ever engage with my posts, which lead to my Engagement rate dropping.

When I think of it,

It some how make sense though, cus why would they want to?

Cus they only followed  just to get a follow follow Back and not the contents I put out.

Well, most of them later Unfollowed me,
Probably because when they are tired of seeing my Contents and Hoping I wouldn’t Notice and unfollow too.

They didn’t like my contents in the first place anyway.

I was tired of going through this same Process every time,

So I was started using other Instagram Growth (ethical btw) hacks,


they seemed to work pretty well.

You can use all of them where applicable to Maximize your Results.

Which leads us to the first Growth hack that I use…

Instagram Growth Hack #1: Use Hashtags in Your Posts.

At this point in time,

I cannot overemphasize the importance of using Hashtags in your post and stories.

Hashtags is one of the Best ways to boost your posts organically on Instagram.

This is One the Results I’ve gotten from Hashtags.

In my opinion, you have to use Hashtags on Instagram whenever you post,

In other to maximize your potential of Reaching Large amount of Audience.

Effective Hashtag Strategy + Plus Good Contents could be a Major Factor for Growth on Instagram.

If you are still wondering how to get well researched Hashtags, Check out my free Guide on Hashtags.

Instagram Growth Hack #2: Use Hashtags in your Stories.

Stories Hashtags are Very Underutilized.

Even Hashtags with Daily Average post Counts above 1000,

most likely gets less than 20 Stories in a Day.

Some of these Hashtags are very difficult to compete on through normal Posts,

At least, you might have a Chance with the Stories.

You can use up to 10 hashtags per Story,

I guess having some little extra Views on Story won’t be Bad.

Which brings us to the next growth Hack.

Instagram Growth Hack #3: Comment Regularly.

Yeah, Sure.

You should develop the habit of  commenting on other people’s post,

I bet you don’t know the importance.

This alone, if done effectively could grow your account and Give you More followers than you expect.

Here’s a scenerio of what happens,

Imagine you leave a meaningful comment on a Recent Post,

Afterwards, the post reached 10,000 people and Probably 500 people saw your Comments (well, this depends on the Total No. of comments on the Post and some other factors).

50 decides to open your Account,

Probably 10 decides to Click the Blue Follow Button. (Again, this also depends Large on How optimized your Bio is and the Type of Contents you Post.

What type of comment should you leave?


Types of Comment that people can relate to or a Comment that Opens up a Conversation (i.e Questions).

The Minimum amount of words I recommend for each Comment is 5 words.

Complements are also effective but Nowadays alot of people see through them,

as they get hundreds and Thousands of them on each post.

Some Instagram accounts owners Use Software and Apps to comment on Posts, you should be wary no to appear like them.

Here are examples of types of Comments you should avoid posting

“Nice” “Cool” “Awesome” “💯💯” “Okay” “*emoji*” and many more of this nature.

Using Emoji is cool but try and Add some few words to it.

You can go ahead and comment on Up to 50 posts per day, and notice significant improvement.

Don’t carry out this action at once so Instagram won’t Shadow ban or Block your Account.

It’s important to note that, the more Value you provide with your Comments, the more Profile Visits you will receive.


Instagram Growth Hack #4: Story Polls and Quizzes.

Polls and Quizzes are Effective  Features I’ve used to double my Story Views in the Past,

and I still use them till date.

Here’s why story polls and Quizzes work,

Simply because they allow Viewers Interact with You Story EASILY without having to swipe up to leave a Comment (which has become stressful to alot of people lately)

One’s people begin to interact with your post, it send signals to the Algorithm,

“This is a Desirable Piece of Content, Let’s show this to more People”

and then it goes on and on.

The same thing happens with your post.

To maximize my Results,

I create different polls and Quizzes in which use on 5 – 10 consecutive stories.

That way, I know that the Chances are high that my Viewers will engage with them.

But make sure you don’t use them too often (especially when you are using 5-10 of them at once)

You could do this once a Month in form of a monthly contest,

or once in two weeks, just to make sure your followers don’t get tired of seeing them.

For your Quiz,

Ask simple Questions that makes it easy for viewers to Engage.

If it takes them time to figure out, it gives then an opportunity to leave your Story Completely.

Also, don’t ask something too personal or confidential information.

Instagram Growth Hack #5: Post Carousels

Carousels perform better than Single Posts.

Here’s why,

Because it keeps people glued to your Post, especially when it’s done Effectively.

They keep swiping and swiping, therefore, you’ve them to spend more time on your post, and on Instagram in general

That’s what Instagram wants right right?


Post that Keeps people longer on the Platform.

Just Like Videos, Carousel tends to perform well.

Your Carousels have to be eye Catching, Engaging and Contains a Call to at the End of it.


Instagram Growth Hack #5: Voice Note in DMs

We tend to use Voice Notes on Instagram mostly with our Friends and People we have personal Relationships with.

Let’s be Honest, we hardly send voice Notes to someone we barely know or someone we are just chatting with for the first time.

Mostly with people we are familiar with.

So When you send a VN to someone, this is what the Algorithm Feel,

“Well, there’s some sort of connections between these two”

and it  is most likely that they will get Your content whenever Your post.

Sometimes, When you send a VN, the other person is likely to reply with a VN which also makes the sequence look Natural.


These Instagram Growth hacks are what I’ve used in the Past to Grow My account in the past Organically.

They are all effective and Legit.

You can try each independently, and also simultaneously, and pay more attention to what seems to be working best for you.

Are you using anyone of the Instagram Growth Hacks that is Working Really well for you?  Which of them do you planning on Using first?

Lemme know in the Comment Section.

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Abdultawab Ibrahim

Abdultawab is a Blogger and a Content Creator here at Trendsleek.

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