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Promote Your Music/Video on Trendsleek

Promoting your music with Trendsleek will give you and your music ultimate guaranteed awareness. Likewise promotion of music, you can also get your videos promoted with Trendsleek.

On Trendsleek, we’re dedicated at giving the best promotion of your music/video than any other blog/ website will. This makes Trendsleek the best platform to promote your music, videos, mixtapes, circular and anything that as to do with Music.

On the Trendsleek Hype Package, you get Mass Promotions, not only on our blog but other partnering music blogs across Nigeria. Through our cutting edge technology, we will also give you a massive promotion of your music everyday on the Hype package for the next 7 days on the following platform…

Twitter: In giving you the best in music promotion, we will Hype your music on twitter for people to download your music who may also Retweet and thereby increasing your awareness.
Amazing right?

Facebook: Your music will be promoted on different Facebook walls whose owners are partners of Trendsleek. In extension, we will Hype your music on
different Facebook pages we own.

BBM: We’ll do a daily broadcast on our BBM accounts for the next 7 days pushing everyone to download your music. Each of our BBM account has numerous number of contacts which will drastically help in your promotion. (Our Main BBM Pin: )

Things to Note
**In response to the questions we’ve received from different persons in regards to music promotions we’ll like to inform you that your music post will permanently be on Trendsleek © (for life) no matter the promotion package you choose.

**You should take note of our submission terms which is right below this writeup.

Submission Terms
• All tracks must be in .mp3 format

• All album art must be in .jpeg, .jpg or .png
Sending of “branded” or “customized” tracks from any site is not allowed

• Only tracks done by you should be submitted (For copyright reasons)

Trendsleek™ reserves the right to reject a submitted track that fails to abide by our terms and conditions.

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