15 profitable Small Business Ideas to Start from Home

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According to Small Business Trends, 69% of U.S Entrepreneurs Start their businesses at home.

It’s 2020, we all want to generate income at the comfort of their home while they Netflix and chill at the same time. That’s everyone’s dream.

Well, it is possible but not as easy as it sounds. You have to be willing to be patient and persevere.

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Below, I’ve gathered 15 profitable small business ideas you can generate cool cash from home. Some of them, which are possible to start with just a smartphone or an internet connection, others probably need to learn a skill or two or take an online course on Udemy or YouTube.

15 Home-based small Business Ideas in 2020

1. Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing

Over 1 Billion active monthly users, Instagram is one of the top social Media Platforms in 2020. Therefore, a lot of business owners try to leverage this as a marketing tool to drive more sales on Instagram.

A lot of businesses on Instagram are have been unable to achieve their set goals due to the fact of not being able to use the platform.

80% of Instagram users follow at least one business, and 72% have purchased a product they saw on the platform.

Being an Instagram marketer, your primary aim is to help businesses reach out and engage with potential customers, market to the right audience and most importantly drive more sales for the business.

Here are some resources to get started as an Instagram Marketer:

  1. How to become a Full-time freelance Instagram Marketer
  2. A Complete Guide to Instagram Marketing
  3. All You Need to Know About Instagram Marketing

2. Blogging


Each month, approximately 409 million people view more than 20 billion pages. You might want to rethink again if you think blogging is not a profitable business anymore.

Blogging is a great way to express yourself and share information with others. Most successful bloggers around the world generate six figures monthly from their blogs.

It is relatively easy to learn the foundation of blogging and get started with your blog in less than 60minutes.

Easy to use Blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogspot and Wix are making it simple to create blogs without any coding experience.

Resources to get started as a Blogger:

  1. How to Start a Blog in 2020
  2. Free Easy Guide to Start Blogging Today
  3. How To Start a Blog – Beginner’s Guide for 2020

3. Drycleaning and Laundry Services

Dry cleaning and Laundry services

Doing our personal laundry is one of the many chores we love to hate. Everybody wants to be presented in clean and neatly pressed clothes, but nobody loves to do the washing and pressing.

The busy and demanding city life is making more people willing to pay laundry businesses to take care of their dirty laundry. Thus help them save time energy while focusing on their career.

The laundry and dry cleaning business is a goldmine for those who are willing to do the laundries of others and very convenient prices.

What do you need to get started in Laundry Business?

  • Location
  • Equipment
  • Marketing

Additional Resources to Get started:

  1. Laundry and Dry Cleaning services – How to start a business that makes money from dirty garments
  2. How to Open a Laundry & Dry Cleaning Business
  3. How to Start a laundry and dry cleaning business

4. Accounting and Bookkeeping

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is the act of recording, storing and retrieving important financial data/transactions of a company or an individual while accounting is the act of interpreting, classifying and analyzing financial data.

You do not need to be a professional accountant to start a bookkeeping business. The bare minimum, be good with numbers.

Some services you can offer include:

  • Balance off ledger accounts at the end of an accounting period
  • Prepare a trial balance, balance sheet, and a profit and loss account.
  • Record transactions in the appropriate ledger accounts

Additional resources:

  1. Introduction to bookkeeping and accounting
  2. Your ultimate guide to learning bookkeeping and accounting
  3. Bookkeeping 101: A Beginning Tutorial

5. Jewelry Making

Jewelry Making

Jewelry making could be dated back to thousands of years to a period in which they were crafted for beauty and personal adornment.

Jewelry making is a low investment business. Some might consider jewelry making as a hobby, while others are cashing out big time.

Here are a few resources to get started:

  1. How to Turn Your Jewelry Hobby Into a Thriving Business
  2. Want to Start Making Jewelry? These 10 Tips Will Launch You!
  3. Free courses on jewelry making and metalsmithing

6. Flipping Websites

Flipping websites

Flipping websites is more like real estate but on the internet.

in What sense? You buy/create a new website, build it for a particular period, maybe 6 to 12months (could be more or less), and then sell when the value of the website increases.

You need to be knowledgeable about how to optimize websites, SEO, creating quality contents and bringing traffic to your website.

There are platforms that assist you in finding potential customers for website flippers like Flippa and Empire Flippers.

Flipping websites is completely legal and people are making tons from it.

Check out these resources if you are interested in website flipping:

  1. Website Flipping: What Is It And Can Anyone Do It? The 2020 Guide
  2. How to Make Money Flipping Websites on Flippa & Empire Flippers
  3. How to make money with website flipping

7. Selling on Teespring

Selling on T-spring

Teespring is a free platform that allows you to create and sell T-shirts and other products with no down payment or upfront cost or risk.

All you have to do it create your T-shirt design, set a price, add a goal and start selling, you keep the profit when you make sales.

Teespring handles everything, from printing to shipping to customer service.

This is a really profitable business you could run from the comfort of your home.

Additional resources to get started:

  1. How to sell shirts and make money with Teespring
  2. Got a Funny T-Shirt Idea? Turn It into Cash With Teespring
  3. 7 steps to successful selling with Teespring

8. Graphics Design

Graphics Design

Graphics Design is a process of illustrating and communicating visually through rich graphical content suitable for your audience.

All most all businesses out there require a graphics designer’s service, ranging from Logo Designs, Banner and Flyer Designs, Artworks and Creative Designs, Infographics, website graphics, etc.

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular and versatile software out there for creating high-quality graphic design.

Here are some few resources to get started:

  1. Teach Yourself Graphic Design: A Self-Study Course Outline
  2. 10 Best FREE Graphic Design Courses Online
  3. Become a Graphic Designer

9. Creating and Editing CVs/Résumés


A résumé is a written compilation of your education, credentials, work experience, qualifications, and accomplishments. Most white-collar jobs and professional positions demand applicants to submit a résumé and cover letter as part of the application process.

Written résumé for individuals is a skill you could learn and get paid for it since most people lack and the knowledge and ability to create a professional-looking résumé that could land the job.

Check out this post if you’re interested in writing résumé:

  1. How to Work From Home Writing résumé
  2. How To Write resume For Money
  3. Get Paid To Write Resumes

10. Bag Making


In recent times, bags have become an essential fashion item, especially for women. It is rare for you to see a woman step out without carrying a bag. These bags come in different sizes, colors, materials, and shapes.

Bag making, however, is one the small business you can start right from your home, adding spices and being innovative with your designs.

Tools required for bag making

  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors
  • Machine Needles
  • Tape
  • Tread
  • glue
  • other handy tools such as a hammer, screwdrivers, pliers, etc.

Check out these tutorials to learn more about the bag making:

  1. Online Sewing Classes for Making Bags
  2. Making Leather Bags Online Sewing Class
  3. Learn Bag-Making Basics (FREE online class!)

11. Mobile Photo Editing

Mobile photo editing

In 2017, more than 1.2 trillion photos were taken. That’s a whopping 160 pictures for every one of the 7.5 billion people on the planet. Talk about one incredibly massive collage!

  • 15 profitable Small Business Ideas to Start from Home 2 trendsleek web design creative agency
  • 15 profitable Small Business Ideas to Start from Home 3 trendsleek web design creative agency

Of the pictures taken in 2017, 85% were on smartphones, 10.3% were on digital cameras, and 4.7% were on tablets. You probably noticed the low percentage of photos taken of digital cameras. This is because digital cameras sales have been seriously declining in recent years. In just the six-year period between 2010 and 2016, digital camera sales dropped from 121.5 million to 13 million.

  • 15 profitable Small Business Ideas to Start from Home 4 trendsleek web design creative agency
  • 15 profitable Small Business Ideas to Start from Home 5 trendsleek web design creative agency

With that being said, there are a lot of mobile photo editors that could be used to enhance, edit and apply special effects out there like PicsArt, FaceTune, Lightroom, VSCO.

Although, not everyone is conversant with the app and the type of effects they produce.

12. Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard Animation

A Whiteboard animation is a video that brings drawings and text to life on a whiteboard.

Many YouTube creators use White Board Animations for mostly explainer Videos/Tutorials and Telling a Story.

Also, businesses use Whiteboard Animations for Adverts, in which they $500 – $10000, per Video

Learn More about white Board Animations here:

  1. Free Online Whiteboard Video and Animation Maker
  2. How to create a Whiteboard Video for free: The Dead Simple Guide!
  3. What is whiteboard animation?

13. Copywriting


Copywriting is one of the high-income skills in 2020.

Copywriting is the act of writing for the purpose of Advertising, Marketing, Closing Sales, or making your Audience to take a particular action.

In this modern age of internet and social media marketing, all every business out there needs a copywriter.

The demand for copywriters is high, that’s some businesses don’t mind paying thousands of dollars for a good copywriter.

Check out these post to get started and know more about CopyWriting.

  1. What is Copywriting and How to Become a Copywriter?
  2. How to become a copywriter: quick-start guide (for 2020)
  3. How To Become A Copywriter (without any experience at all)

14. Video Production

Video Production

Video is the process of producing Video Contents.

Whether it’s a short film, a full-length film, business marketing video, television commercial, music video, or other types of video contents, the process may vary a little with the specifics, but the overall process is basically the same. 

To know more about Video Productions:

  1. What is Video Production?
  2. 7 Things You Need to Start Your Own Video Production Company
  3. Behind the Scenes: A Simple Explanation of the Video Production Process

15. Selling on eBay


eBay is one of the most visited market places on the internet.

As of 2017, eBay had 180million active buyers and the numbers keep on increasing.

Selling on eBay is of the cool ways you can make money from home. If you don’t have products to sell, you can actually decide to dropshipping i.e buying from sellers and shipping directly to buyers without incurring extra costs while you keep the profits.

if you would love to know about Selling on eBay, Check these:

  1. Determining What To Sell on eBay To Make Money
  2. 12 eBay Selling Tips to Maximize Your Profits
  3. 9 Steps to Make a Living Selling On eBay

What did i miss?

Starting a Small Business from home is easy, and many people have made have cool bucks from home on a full time or casual basis.

The small business ideas listed here and simply ideas, you can only get the most of it when you decide to take actions. Most of which are almost free and easy to set up.

It all comes down to choosing what you think will work best for you.

Which othese business ideas have you tried? what small business idea do you know that was ommitted here?

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