[Case Study] The 5-step framework to Visibility, profitability and growth with your Website – For Coaches, Consultants and Thought Leaders

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In this blog post, I’m going to be showing you EXACTLY my 5-step framework to visibility, profitability, and growth with your Website

In fact, This is the exact framework I’ve used for multiple coaches and consultants and has proven to work overtime.

So if you want to attract more ideal clients, generate consistent Revenue, and grow your community without sweat, then you’ll love this case study.

Let’s Dive right in…

5 Proven Steps to Attract Your Ideal Clients and Make Money from Your Expertise.

Lemme tell you a quick story about Bola:

Bola is a Digital Marketing Consultant,

She helps other experts create and sell digital products on Instagram.

Through her strategies on Instagram, Clients reach out and engage her on a one-on-one basis.

Everything was going smooth for Bola, but she had one concern,

Bola knows that her current business model is not scalable, she doesn’t own her audience on Instagram, and she can easily get overwhelmed with the whole lead generation and service delivery process.

So Bola decided to turn her expertise into a Paid resource so that clients can easily consume and implement it for themselves.

She decided to pay for a course hosting platform, to host and sell her resources.

But she was faced with a new set of issues.

First, She still has to do the manual lead generation on Instagram,

Second, She doesn’t own the platform on which her course we’re hosted on, so she feared that anything could go wrong and might have to start from scratch.

Bola had a web developer create a website for her.

At this point, Not much had changed for her in terms of leads and revenue generation.

Things went on for a while like this, until she stumbled upon “The 5-step framework to visibility, Sales and growth on Autopilot” which was a major boost for her business.

Here are the 5 things bola optimized in her business

#1.  Website Design

[Case Study] The 5-step framework to Visibility, profitability and growth with your Website - For Coaches, Consultants and Thought Leaders
[Case Study] The 5-step framework to Visibility, profitability and growth with your Website - For Coaches, Consultants and Thought Leaders
A good website design is one that can easily convert your visitors into leads.

You want your coaching website to be responsive, mobile-friendly, fast loading, and user-friendly so as to avoid any form of frustration in the visitor’s minds as they navigate through the pages.

So you’re probably wondering what does a coaching website looks like?

There are three things that should be considered when it comes to designing a coaching website; function, ease of use, and navigation.

A great coaching website must yield maximum results with the least effort on behalf of the coaching business owner.

You too don’t want to waste time creating content for a coaching site and then not having anyone read it or take action on it.

That’s why we sometimes fall short of time to do what we’re supposed to do.

When it comes to coaching website design, there are a lot of things that you have to put into consideration.

For one, you should be able to easily integrate your coaching services in an attractive manner.

And not just content development but e-commerce integration and learning management systems too!

So, when someone visits your coaching website they’ll immediately know who you are and what type of services you’re offering within few seconds because everything should be laid out on their front.

#2 Lead Generation and Community Building


5 Proven Steps to Attract Your Ideal Clients and Make Money from Your Expertise.

You can easily monetize your services by leveraging lead generation.

But before you get started,

we need to understand the importance of lead generation for coaching and other business ventures as follows:

– You no longer have to depend upon interruptive methods like cold calling, leaving messages, etc. in order to find clients.

Yes, they are effective at times but it consumes a lot of time and energy which could be spent better elsewhere.

– Lead generation helps save time that would otherwise be spent on finding your ideal client.

– It is a better avenue to connect with your coaching clients as you are able to interact with them on a more personal level.  You can get feedback, share ideas, etc. which improves coaching sessions and leads to increased productivity.

– Internet marketing is cost-effective and highly targeted so that more people can be reached in the least possible time at the expense of minimal effort by you.

With all of this time saved from not having to find coaching clients, apply for coaching training courses, etc.,

you can spend more quality time coaching your clients since you will have fewer distractions or interruptions than say if you had to do manual lead generation daily which means that instead of coaching 1 or 2 people per week of coaching, you can get to coach up to 5 or 6 people per week.

– You can access coaching prospects while on holiday/vacation. This is a great way to ensure that your coaching business does not suffer from lulls inactivity and that there is always cash flowing into your coaching business account even if it’s just a few dollars here and there.

As your coaching website grows more popular, you may be able to use it as leverage for speaking engagements which will lead to an increase in your exposure and authority in the field.

how do you generate leads on your website?

There are few ways you can go about generating leads for your website

Firstly, You Create an opt-in at the top/bottom of every single page on your coaching website.

[Case Study] The 5-step framework to Visibility, profitability and growth with your Website - For Coaches, Consultants and Thought Leaders 1 trendsleek web design creative agency

For example, include a signup form where people can subscribe to receive coaching tips weekly or monthly.

You can have them on your list, nurture, and send emails to your list that inform them of industry-related tips and techniques, industry news you’ve found interesting or useful, as well as coaching resources you’ve recently discovered.

Secondly, You can also use a lead Magnet.

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is a giveaway, free resource, or report that you offer to your coaching prospects in exchange for their contact information so that you can stay in touch with them.

5 Proven Steps to Attract Your Ideal Clients and Make Money from Your Expertise.

This could be a free guide, checklist, cheatsheet, video, mini book, template, mini-course e.t.c

Your lead magnet should be as valuable as your paid resources.

Your lead’s contact information is also highly valuable

Your prospects will be more likely to give you their contact details when they know that you’re going to send them valuable content via email, or that you have a free mini-course e.t.c in exchange for an opt-in.

#3 Email Automation

[Case Study] The 5-step framework to Visibility, profitability and growth with your Website - For Coaches, Consultants and Thought Leaders 2 trendsleek web design creative agency

Email automation is sending out emails at predetermined times, based on triggered actions.

It’s important to use email automation to nurture your leads (after signing up for your newsletter or getting your lead magnet) because it helps you save a lot of time and effort in your business.

You could also use it to set up automation rules for automated welcome and goodbye messages with prospects on your website.

It can also be a means to engage with your new leads in order to get them to know, like, and trust you…

….and eventually, buy from you in the future.

The fact that people give you their email and got value from your lead magnet, doesn’t mean they will buy from you immediately.

Sometimes, it takes more than 2,3, or even 5 value-added emails for you to nurture and convert them into buyers.

#4 Paid Resources


It’s easy to forget that coaching isn’t the only way you can sell your expertise…

….even if your one on one coaching is doing fairly well.

Creating paid resources makes it easier for you to help people without engaging with them in real-time

It can help you serve a wider range of audiences based on their needs.

Some people prefer to read books, while some may prefer to watch a series of short videos in form of a mini-course.

Turning your expertise into digital is one the few ways to ensure that your business is easily scalable and don’t get caught up in the service delivery process.


#5 Traffic Generation




You need to drive quality traffic to your website, in order to convert them to leads and eventually paying clients.

The following are some powerful sources of targeted coaching website traffic:

Facebook Ads –  This is still one of the best traffic sources in 2018.  I personally get coaching website traffic from this source.

Facebook Groups – you can join your industry-related FB groups, and actively engage with them, people start to notice you and are likely to visit your website from these groups.

LinkedIn Groups – The same applies to LinkedIn as well. A LinkedIn group (or several) is a great place to connect with your prospects and also get website traffic.

Fiverr gigs – Fiverr is a marketplace for services starting at $5 and it’s an excellent cheap resource for coaching website traffic.

Blog Comments – This is one of the most overlooked ways out there for website traffic. If you have a coaching site it is almost guaranteed that there are blogs and forum pages about your expertise on the web. You can pay for blog comments or simply leave comments on coaching-related blogs and forums.

SEO – Search engine optimization is an integral part of traffic generation. By optimizing with industry-related keywords on your website, you will are likely to attract leads from search engines like Google


So I hope this guide showed you how to successfully build and scale your coaching/consulting business with your website.

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