7 reasons why you are losing Instagram Followers

6 Reason why you are losing followers on Instagram

7 reasons why you are losing Instagram Followers

We all know that feeling another follower lost and another and another.

I know, this could be pretty frustrating
but what if I told you that there’s a solution to that problem because there’s a few fixable reasons why you’re losing followers on Instagram.


I’ve compiled a list of six most common reasons why you’re losing followers what you can do to stop it.

Let’s get straight into it…

7 Common Reasons Why Your Instagram Followers Keep On Reducing In Numbers

1. For the Good Course

Yes, I know, that sounds crazy,

Is it possible to lose followers for the Good Course?

Yes It.

Sometimes losing followers is actually not a bad thing.

Let me ask you a question first,

Would you rather have 1000 followers that are super engaged with your content and click everything like everything and are super engaged in the comments

or 100 thousand random people who are following you who give you some likes but they won’t click on your links and they won’t buy anything from you

and it’s basically just there to make you look cool next to your friends and competitors.

see here’s the thing,

Instagram right now is doing a lot of purging themselves, they’re actively identifying fake and spammy people who don’t follow the rules too much

and they constantly evaluate the people who are on the instagram platform which is by purging and deleting all those people followers from your account.

That’s actually a good thing because those followers are probably Ghost followers or Inactive accounts that rarely engage with your posts,

it’s a good thing to let them go.

Most times I do that myself, I constantly search for ghost followers, or followers who haven’t engaged with any of my last 25, 50 or maybe even 100 posts, and let them go.

They don’t deserve to be following me, so I let them go.

Once I do that, I constantly seek out ways to get new super engaged followers.

Then, keep on repeating.

There are many apps out there to detect ghost followers,

Personally i use followers Chief, and my goals are easily achieved.

There’s a limit to things you should automate on Instagram, so you try and do it probably 2 or 3 times in two days.

The thing is, when you lose ghost followers now, your engagement rate goes up.

because that’s how the Instagram Algorithm works and you need to understand the Algorithm.

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For instance, when you make an Instagram post,

your content would be shown to certain amount of people, maybe 20 or 50 or 100, depending on how those people react to your content, then they are going to show it to more and more people.

You posts initial engagement is very important in other to expand your post reach.

Depending on how well your content does with your followers the more people are going to see it,

the more your engagement rate is going to go up which is actually why losing followers at times might be a good thing so by having less

but more engaged followers you’re actually raising your chances of blowing up big time.

Less followers means more engagement.

I know it sounds counterintuitive but it’s actually true just try it out.

Like I said, I’m do that most of the time I’m slowly purging it out and my engagement rate went up even on my personal profile.

2. You are not interesting anymore.

Maybe you’re just boring, you’re just not interesting anymore.


Now here’s the thing, people’s interest shifts all over the time,

what’s interesting right now might not be interesting anymore in six months or two months or one week depending on your content
and depending on your target audience

first of all, you have to know that it’s a natural progression so there will always be kind of like a shift between your people and new people coming in.

All those people who are like “okay, it’s kind of not so good anymore” might unfollow you.

Here’s the thing, sometimes you can actually measure it and kind of take a look why why could this be the case.

Ask yourself the question, “Am I being really being too boring” and why so by figuring that out.

You can do that by checking your analytics.
You can figure it out, adapt to it and get your numbers back into the grid and up you engagement rate.

For example, let’s say you have had a time where you’ve been crushing it on Instagram.

You are like okay, Every post gave me X amount of followers, I got a way better engagement rate, way more comments and stuff like that.

Just go back to your analytics and check the stats, the content for the time where you know things were going better, even a little bit better or a lot better.

Try to find patterns what’s going on maybe you’ll find something, maybe really your content has become stale or predictable anyway, maybe the punch is just missing somewhere down the line.
Maybe it’s just really not interesting anymore.

You have to look at your personality/brand, be in personal or business account.

A lot of times, especially on Instagram people forget about the brand or personality, which is one of the most important things.

It grows over time but still people just forget about it people forget that it’s actually about you audiences as opposed to just pictures and looking cool and putting some meaningless one-liner captions in it.

So think about it, what’s your personality right now?
Are you different from all the other random influencers.

Just try to put yourself out there a little bit more it’s goning to come naturally

Things just can’t change over time you, get more accustomed to the platforms by putting yourself out there

The other things actually comes out to the content value that you provide.

Do people really come to you for some sort of advice or they want to learn something from you something.

Value could mean a lot of different things to different people.

It could be entertainment, news, sports, just figure out where you belong and keep providing value.

Pick a niche of the people, so try to really break it down to the core and try to figure out one specific need that you actually want to fulfill with your audience.

You know, just one thing right now just focus on that on top with your personality.

Your content is not going be too boring anymore.

3. Bots, Automation AND DM Groups

Have you ever participated in DM groups?


and some other strategies that are not so white hat,

well, that could be a reason why you lose followers.
First of all Instagram tracks down on those people who use softwares, DM group and other 3rd party application stuff like that because they don’t want to have the engagement of their platform inflated.

If you’ve done these things before, the followers that you might have gotten most times have not been that real they just might have been some spammers who were just there for themselves.

For example and all of a sudden you’re like “oh wow” I got a 1000 likes and 300 comments.

Deep down, you know they are not real followers,

Just there to improves your likes, so yeah, Instagram is going to purge and remove the

4. Lack Of Consistency

You’re not consistent enough.
I know you’ve probably heard or seen this in one or two places.

That’s because it’s important, you to be consistent enough.

let me explain to you why this is so important it’s because of it’s about your audience and the Instagram Algorithm.

When you audience don’t receive the consistent vibes from you, they might term you are inactive.

Try and Be consistent and post relevant contents at intervals.

Also, the Instagram algorithm uses the data you provide them from your pictures in order to find ideal followers for you.

When you upload pictures consistently, it will make the Bot’s job easier.

Very soon, you show on people’s explore page.

Instagram relies on Data likes, how many likes You have, How many saves and shares you have and things like that.

5. Not Being Lasee Focused

With different types of accounts and contents on Instagram, it’s becoming overwhelming for people.

Not being laser focused can cost you some followers.

For example, one day you’ll post about fashion pictures, another day you post about cars or food or different things like that.

It’s just not going to work, it’s not them it’s you… Haha

Let’s say people followed you initially for fashion pictures because they’re amazing, you get value based around, you know how

to style and have a good fashion sense and down the line you are like “okay, I just want to do some Food posts and car posts, you know me being cool in front of my car and if my guys scroll through their feeds and they’re gonna be like what is this Wow”

At this point, people are forgetting you and they’d start to question why they follow your account and especially if the personality factor is missing from before.

people have no idea who you are anymore and then they’re gonna hit the unfollow button as fast as you can think.

The more time passed, the more your followers will begin to dig into your brand and personality.

6. Spammy Stories

You spam your stories alot.

Let’s be honest with each other with.

Are you really providing value in your stories?
Let me give you an example, you know a lot of the times if you scroll through Instagram a lot of people they just repost funny things in their stories, some funny memes and different stuff

Just to be completely, honest we’re over it nobody cares about that.

If people care about that, they follow a meme account and that’s it.

By you doing that, you spamming stories.

And not giving the algorithm the right data points. you’re not really adding some values.

Your stories should align with the kind of contents your provide.

If you post too many irrelevant stories, people will tend to unfollow you.

if you find yourself gaining followers just through your stories you can see that in the Analytics.

The analytics should be your friend, know what’s working and what’s not.

What type of post is bringing engagement and what’s not.

and to do more of what’s working.


Whether you are a losing much followers or just a few, this should be very useful to you. As an Instagram influencer/brand, you need to look at it as another means of raising your engagements.

The current Instagram Algorithm seems not be friendly with ghost and Spammy accounts.

So why not leverage it to your advantage and use this does period to build quality followers.

Plus, you should can never rely on your followers if there are not real.

So, what do you think of the 6 tips above? Do you use any on your account? Have you thought about reducing the unfollow rate on your Instagram Account?

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