5 Expert Tips to Boost Your Sales on Instagram. Guaranteed!

Top 5 Free E-Commerce Expert Marketing tips for Instagram Businesses

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Top 5 Free E-Commerce Expert Marketing tips for Instagram Businesses

Instagram has grown from being just a photo-sharing platform to a flexible social media marketing tool.

Having more than a billion active monthly users,

so the instagram market is targeted by brand and business owners across all niche.

 Instagram for business accounts is easy for business owners easy interact and engage with their target audience.

5 Marketing Tips to Boost Sales on Instagram for Business

1.  Storytelling

Being a strong medium for pictures and photo sharing,  Instagram may be a nice storytelling social media platform.

The magical thing about storytelling is that once you start showing your followers why you’re different, you stop having to do the icky “selling” thing. You stop having to compete on price alone.

says Steph Taylor.

For effective complete presence,

it’s very important for the Instagram brands to sew along a narrative comprising Instagram pictures and captions.

Instagram may be a nice medium to sell a lifestyle to the audience without focusing on the actual business.

For instance, rather than depicting a smart fitness band with the caption, an Instagram story (not the Instagram Story feature) with pictures and captions will justify however it will profit in real-life contexts.

To tell Instagram storystelling is very effective and can produce results if done constantly.

Instagram could be a great tool to deliver a strong brand message with user-generated content.

User-generated contents show your care for the users and the way you offer them importance as a part of your content strategy.

It additionally offers an excellent social proof for the heritage your brand enjoys.

Through Instagram storytelling, you’ll be able to produce hype around numerous events, products and promote them.

By showcasing the pictures of the venue and glimpses of the coming-up events,

you’ll be able to produce brand awareness and boost participation.

You can additionally use Instagram storytelling to create credibility around your brand by sharing pictures related to the brand story,

it’s for the audience and therefore the experience becomes more real.

You can also host an Instagram Live, from an event or showing your day to day activities, 

Featuring a celebrity or an Influencer is a way to create fast hype about your instagram Business.

2. Running Instagram Ad Campaigns:

When you want constant client acquisition,  Instagram ads is an excellent piece of tool.

According to Hootsuite, “Instagram’s potential advertising reach is 849.3 million users. That’s 14% of adults aged 13 and over. This represents a 5.9% quarter-on-quarter increase in advertising reach in Q3 2019.”

5 Expert Tips to Boost Your Sales on Instagram. Guaranteed! 1 trendsleek web design creative agency

This can be significantly effective for all those businesses who have little ideas concerning your brand and products.

other than all the easily accessible organic strategies to reach out to your target market.

By running Instagram ads, you’ll be able to quickly reach a wider audience together with your brand message and draw the attention of potential customers whose interest suits your prices and products.

Ads additionally help Instagram business brands to remain ahead of the competition in a very decisive manner.

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With the ads carrying a suitable brand message, you’ll be able to reach out to your target market,

create loyal fans and followers and boost business and sales conversion.

Because the competition among Instagram Business brands is getting harder and more brands are creating instagram business accounts on a regular basis.

Artistic and fascinating ad campaigns across social channels will help your Instagram Brand a grip.

3. Having an inquiry Optimized Instagram Bio:

Targeting your audience’s interests and desires, telling them regarding your brand in a very clear, concise and compact manner.

The instagram Bio is as important as the Contents you posts.

Because the Instagram Bio is one of the first things your potential client sees when he opens your instagram brand profile.

Therefore, an excellent Instagram bio is supposed to work like your business card and will tell users concerning the brand in a very clear and straight to the point manner.

The Instagram bio plays an important role in making the primary impression.

because is the very first thing that might decide whether or not your audience is ready to become a paying customer with the brand or not.

By using only a permitted one hundred fifty characters and one link,

you should be able to present users the essential and most basic info like your identity, your location, what you do and alternative info concerning the brand.

This profile bio should work as the initial contact for your target audience to follow you.

Let us have a look at some effective ways to optimize an Instagram business bio.

  • Select the right category for your brand
  • Give a company description
  • Use a search-specific popular keyword inside the description
  • Use a link to your brand store
  • Optimize the profile with an appropriate call to action (CTA) buttons
  • To optimize more you’ll additionally tag alternative Instagram business profiles. It will lead users to alternative profiles related to the brand through clickable links. It offers a good way to drive traffic from one Instagram account to the opposite.
  • Adding branded hashtags within the profile is also an effective way for visitors to interact with your business profile.

Here is an Example of an Optimized Instagram Bio 

4. Targeting Local Audiences Using GeoTag and Instagram Contest

Instagram being a international platform to connect brands and people with images and pictures makes it easy for marketers to focus on people around the world.

On the other hand, for brands specific to particular regions and cultural affiliations, it’s extremely important to target the local audience.

Running contests on Instagram may be a well known social media strategy to produce nice results in a quick time for your Instagram business.

Contests work cool to form buzz and generate interest just because all of us like to win.

However, For proper utilization of this tool,

You need to have a clear and transparent plan of the rules and regulations, and also know how it will be effectively used.

Let us first have a glance at the key rules set by Instagram for running contests.

  • First of all, the competition by any means shouldn’t imply any affiliation with Instagram.
  • You are not approved to ask people for tagging in pictures that they’re not a party to.
  • You need to abide by the laws and constraints set by the authority regarding eligibility, age and contest prizes.
  • Each contest needs to come with a transparent set of the rules for participation.
  • Instagram permits online marketers and brands to run a large kind of contests as per their business niche and conversion goals.

Various types of contest you could run on Instagram for business account include:

  1. Tag and Win Contest: Contest to tag friends within the comments: This enables widening your audience among those that could be curious about your brand.
  2. Contest to drive followers: This really accompanies contests with different objectives and helps driving a fan base.
  3. Comment and Win Contest: Contest for commenting: By engaging users with a contest for commenting, you will be able to gain traction and engagement with viral posts and simultaneously generate valuable audience feedback.
  4. Photo contests: This is often the most common kind of Instagram contest that enables the brands generating a great deal of user-generated visual content. tons of pictures shared to showcase a brand or brand loyalty will actually deliver you a good marketing advantage.

These days Instagram marketers can use a range of contest software that with a very little price, good marketing plan and strategy can deliver a nice result.

In some cases, such software applications assist you to produce flexible and friendly-looking contest landing pages with little efforts.

Such software solutions additionally make it a lot easier to track the contest participants and their various entries.

This helps to judge the contest inputs and deciding the winner in an easy manner.

Finally, contest software applications permit marketers to tweak with tons of customization options as per the particular needs.

5. Using Instagram Hashtags

Instagram algorithm changes from time to time.

A post with at least one Instagram hashtag averages 12.6% more engagement than posts without a hashtag. 


Using the right set of hashtags could do wonders for you.

Instagram Hashtags are by far one of the best ways to boost your Instagram Business Account for success,

so using hashtags as a leverage tool for your posts is very important.

When I talk about hashtags, I don’t mean spammy hashtags like #love #followforfollow #likeforlike.

These are spammy Instagram hashtags and won’t get you enough as expected.

Good hashtags for your Instagram Account could feature a specific type of business, celebrity/influencer a trending topic or the type of audience you are looking for.

For example, #lagosfashiondesigner #wizkid #9jabrand #futminnastudent, are examples of good hashtags you could make use of.

At the moment, Instagram restricts users to 30 hashtags per posts.

This could be done by adding the hashtags after Instagram caption, or by adding as a comment under the particular post.

You can use a different set of hashtags for different posts, depending on what the post is about and who you intend to target.

When you keep using a particular set of hashtags, Instagram Bots will get the insight that perhaps, you are using automation software and might get shadow-banned.

Instagram Shadow-ban is when your hashtags are restricted from performing over a period of 14 days. Only people that follow you will be able to see your post during that period.


If you are already using any of the above tips to boost your sales on Instagram, or you plan to, that’s great.

You can big engagements on your Instagram posts and contents leading to sales.

I’ve shown you 5 Marketing Tips to Boost Sales on Instagram for Business, but they are many more.

You can try each tip separately and notice what is working for you.

Which of these Instagram sales tips have you used? Are there any others that you’d like to share here?

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