1,000 Email Subscribers In 30 Days: Proven List Building Methods

1,000 Email Subscribers In 30 Days Proven List Building Methods

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List building is a very important part of email marketing.

That being said,

How many of us are actively building our email lists? 

We’ve all heard the phrase “money is in the list”, but do we actually implement it?

It has become apparent to me from my experience online that while most of us understand the importance of building a subscriber list, most don’t know how to do it.

This blog spot is designed to help you solve the problem of not knowing where to start and how to get subscribers for your new list.

Your goal of getting 1,000 subscribers in 30 days is very reasonable, you just need to focus on a few steps and take action. 

Let’s get started!

Step #1: Funnel Creation

1,000 Email Subscribers In 30 Days: Proven List Building Methods
Image Source: Neil Patel

In order to build an email list, you will first need to create a few web pages to send traffic to, so that visitors can actually sign up for your list.

The first page you need is a squeeze page, followed by a one-time offer page and a down-sell page.

Here is a brief explanation of what each of those pages is and why you need them. 

The squeeze page is the email capture page, where visitors can enter their email addresses to sign up for your email newsletter/autoresponder. 

There is no doubt that this is the most important page. The rest of the pages are optional but highly recommended.

A one-time offer page is what viewers see when they click on an offer after filling out your opt-in form. 

As a result of this page, you will be able to recoup your traffic purchase costs, usually between $10 – $20.

If visitors do not purchase the one-time offer, they will be shown the down-sell offer page. The down-sell offer page is similar to the one-time offer page, but it comes with a much lower offer than the one-time offer.

In order to make more money, you can keep adding offer pages to your funnel if you want to get really complicated.

An upsell page could be created for a mid-high ticket product, and then you could also have other backend offers.

For starters, I recommend having a squeeze page, a one-time offer, and a down-sell page.

Squeeze Page:

1,000 Email Subscribers In 30 Days: Proven List Building Methods
Image Source: Instapage

Now let’s talk about the very important squeeze page.

It’s no secret that alot of squeeze pages out there look the same, and that’s not a good thing.

Marketing online tends to be quite copycat-like.

They see a page that they think is working well, then they copy it, and then someone else does the same thing. 

Over time, that page stops converting well because too many people are promoting it, everyone is seeing it over and over again.

Make your squeeze page as unique as possible. It will convert better for you if it is different from other pages and stands out.

It has been my experience that very simple squeeze pages work best, pages with a big headline, a short subheadline, and an opt-in form.

Conversion rates can be boosted by keeping it simple and to the point.

Additionally, visitors should only be able to enter their email addresses. A name and email field are typically included on opt-in forms by default, but requiring a name only lowers conversion rates.

That’s not to say that you can’t use the name field, but just be aware that the name and email fields are typically included on opt-in forms by default.

So what is a good conversion rate for a squeeze page? 

The higher it is, the better it is. Overall, I aim for a conversion rate of at least 40%. This means that out of 100 visitors to my squeeze page, 40 will subscribe. 

Though I’ve had higher than that, over 50%, I aim for 40% at the beginning. 

My next step is to test and tweak the page until I get the highest possible conversion rate.

You can create a squeeze page (or any of the other pages as well) using a variety of programs.

If you’re comfortable creating a web page from scratch, by all means, go ahead. However, if you are unfamiliar with how to do that, I recommend using WordPress and CartFlows together. 

WordPress allows you to create web pages very quickly, but it is limited in how much customization you can do. 

With Cartflows, you can easily create squeeze pages and offer pages for WordPress. 

Create and edit pages quickly by adding autoresponder forms to a page.

Free Gift:

Your squeeze page will need some kind of free gift or free offer to entice visitors to sign up for your mailing list.

You can create a PDF report, a video, or anything that relates to your niche.

Your squeeze page headline should inform your visitors what they will receive once they fill out the opt-in form once they know what your free offer is.

After they join your list, you can send them the free gift through your autoresponder follow-up email series.

It is important to note that this free gift should be of high quality.

It isn’t a good idea to use a report that was written five years ago containing outdated content.

Also, don’t use a gift which is already been given away by hundreds of other people. 

It should be as unique as possible so that your subscribers will enjoy it and use the information it provides.

In order to build trust with your subscribers, you need to do this.

One-Time Offer Page:

As soon as you have a squeeze page with a free offer, it’s time to think about your one-time offer (OTO).

Depending on the niche and product, the price point generally ranges between $10 and $20.

It should either be on the same topic or a similar topic, something that will interest your subscribers, so it should be related to your free offer.

Your subscribers sign-up to receive your free gift on a particular topic, so it makes sense to offer them more information on that same topic as a paid product.

The product should also be of high quality, something the buyers will appreciate.

You can use private label rights (PLR) material to help create this product, but make sure that your OTO contains useful information that the buyers can put to use, otherwise you may run the risk of disappointing your buyers and being forced to refund many of them.

You will need to create a sales page to offer this OTO along with a download page, both of which can be created using Cartflows with WordPress.

After subscribers sign up for your autoresponder, you should set the opt-in form redirect option to send them to this OTO automatically. If a visitor signs up for your list from your squeeze page, they will be taken directly to your one-time offer.

Down-Sell Offer:

In any case, the down-sell offer should cost less than your OTO, whether it’s a smaller version of your OTO or on a different topic from your OTO.

Having a down-sell page will allow you to capture more buyers who didn’t purchase your OTO but still want to purchase something from you.

There will also be a sales page and a download page for this offer.

If a visitor views your one-time offer but decides to pass it up, you can use an exit pop script to remind them of your down-sell offer when they try to close the page. 

To view the offer, they will be directed to the down-sell sales page if they stay on the page.

In order to properly capture and keep subscribers, you must set up your autoresponder to properly capture and keep them. You now have all the web pages necessary to start building your list and making money from new subscribers.

Step #2: Autoresponder Set-Up

1,000 Email Subscribers In 30 Days: Proven List Building Methods
Image Credit: Revechat

For building an email list properly, you’ll need an autoresponder account.

To make the most of your new list, you will need to set up a few things after you’ve created your account and created your first list.

The first would be to make sure that within your list settings you set the opt-in settings

To “single opt-in”, not double opt-in. 

If you use single opt-in, your visitors will be able to subscribe to your list immediately after entering their email addresses. If you use double opt-in, your visitors will be forced to confirm their subscription by checking their email inbox, which will result in fewer subscribers.

Within your new list, you should also create at least 5 follow-up emails that will be automatically sent to new subscribers once they subscribe.

You should send a welcome email, thanking them for subscribing and giving them a link to your free gift. You may also wish to mention your one-time offer within this email.

Second – fifth emails should contain quality content and promotions for your OTO and possibly other products you sell.

The follow-up emails should be set up to be sent every 2-3 days. These follow-up emails are meant to stay in touch with your subscribers and build trust with them, offering them great free content and a few promotions in between.

Subscribers who like and trust you will feel more comfortable buying from you in the future.

Set up your list settings, and follow-up emails, and your optin page. Be sure to redirect subscribers to your one-time offer page after they have signed up.

Having set up your web pages, your free offer, and your autoresponder, it’s time to start sending traffic to build your list.

Step #3: Traffic Generation

1,000 Email Subscribers In 30 Days: Proven List Building Methods
Image Source: Adloonix

The most important part of this whole system is traffic, so put most of your efforts into it.

In the end, it doesn’t matter how good your squeeze page looks or how good your follow-up emails are if no one visits it.

Don’t spend too much time perfecting your pages and emails, you can always make changes later. 

Get something up and running first, then start getting traffic and work on conversion rates later.

You shouldn’t put up ugly pages, but don’t obsess over perfecting them just yet.

In order of how easy and quick they are to implement, here are four great ways to get traffic to your squeeze pages.

Solo Ads:

A solo ad is an email-based advertisement that you purchase from another email list owner. 

It is generally sent as a dedicated email – so the entire message is all about your promotion. Affiliates and information marketers are the most common users of solo ads.

It is important to mention that there are a lot of poor solo ad providers, people who are just looking to make a quick buck.

Solo ads have gotten a bad reputation over the years, but they still work wonders. You just have to be a little more careful now about who you buy them from. 

Having said that, solo ads are still my first choice when it comes to gaining subscribers quickly.

Essentially, a solo advertisement is when someone with an existing list sells a certain number of clicks (usually 50, 100, 200, 300, etc.). As an example, I can buy 100 clicks for $40 from solo advertiser Bob. Bob will email his list and tell his subscribers about my site when I tell him what link I would like him to promote, which is usually my squeeze page. If a subscriber of his clicks on my site, that counts as one of the 100 clicks I purchased.

So how can you build your list up to 1,000 subscribers using solo ads? 

Calculate how many solo ads you will need by using simple math.

Assuming the 40% conversion rate I mentioned earlier, if I bought 100 clicks from Bob, I would end up with 40 new subscribers.

 Therefore, if I purchased 100 click solo ads from Bob, I would need to purchase 25 solo ads in order to get 1,000 subscribers.

It’s important to realize that you don’t have to purchase only 100-click solo ads. 

You can ask a good solo ad provider if they can deliver more than 100 clicks if you find a good provider. You can then purchase more solo ads, which will reduce your total number of solo ads.

For starters, I would buy 50 or 100 clicks from solo ad providers I haven’t used before. 

I may then purchase more clicks from them if I find that they send quality traffic (if my conversion rates remain high with their traffic).

However, it is also crucial to note that as you promote your squeeze page, no matter how unique it was initially, it will soon lose some of its “newness”. 

To keep your conversion rates up, you need to keep testing and changing them. If you promote it more, more people will see it, so more people will bypass it.

When purchasing a solo ad, you may also want to consider sending the provider a prewritten email that they can send to their list. 

For the most part, solo ad providers will write their own email to send to their list, but it’s often a good idea to send them something anyways so that they can quickly understand what your page is about, allowing them to easily write their own email.

Now that you understand everything about solo ads, you can go out and find solo ad providers.

Within the niche of internet marketing, I look for providers in three main places.

The first is the Warrior Forum under Classified Ads.

The great thing about this is that you can see real reviews from previous buyers, which makes it easier to spot a trustworthy seller.

There are also Skype and Facebook groups. These two are harder to find, as they often require invitations. However, once you have purchased a few solo ads from the Warrior Forum, you will then begin to see and hear about these groups.

 There are many places where buyers and sellers look, and you can ask if they can invite you into any groups.

When searching for solo ad sellers, there are a few things to keep in mind.

The first thing would be to learn how their list was built.

Thousands of email addresses can be downloaded today, but if those addresses are not legally added to an autoresponder account by the person who owns the email address, then it is illegal.

Make sure that anyone you purchase from has built up their list one email address at a time, having people opt-in to their list. 

Second, make sure that most of their subscribers are from your target market These are the most valuable subscribers, and they will be more likely to purchase from you in the future.

Third, make sure that you can see reviews from other buyers. It is not necessarily true that new solo ad sellers won’t have great traffic, but if they are new, you should be more cautious. Often, you can negotiate a lower price if they cannot provide you with many reviews.

Fourth, Check to see if your link will be sent to some of the buyers on their list as well. Buyers are much more valuable than non-buyers. 

You may have to pay more for sending to them, but consider doing so since they have shown they can afford your products.

To confirm the information above, you should ask the solo ad provider politely. 

You can find 100-click solo ads for $30, but you can also find them for $70. The last thing to understand is that prices for solo ads will vary. 

If they provide quality traffic and have repeat customers, they’ll probably have higher rates.

In spite of the higher upfront cost, you may end up with more one-time offers.

I mentioned that I like purchasing solo ads because they can deliver quick traffic, and that’s the truth! 

It’s not necessary for you to purchase one solo ad and wait for it to be delivered until you buy another solo ad. You can purchase as many as you like, as fast as you like. You can easily build your list to 1,000 subscribers within a week if you want to, with the exception of the beginning when you test solo ad providers.

Solo Ad Swaps:

As soon as you have about 500 subscribers, you’ll be able to send clicks to other people in exchange for them sending clicks to your squeeze page.

Essentially, the same as purchasing a solo ad, you will want to seek out partners who are willing to send clicks to your squeeze page while you send clicks to theirs.

To be able to send clicks, you will need a list of 500 subscribers, so you can send at least 50 clicks. In the beginning, you will not be able to send as many clicks as you want, but as your list grows, you will be able to send more and more clicks, which will result in receiving more and more clicks over time.

It is a great way to build your list while buying solo ads. You can switch and buy solo ads at the same time, not with the same solo ad provider, but with several.

In order to find solo ad swap partners, you can use Facebook and Skype groups. After you have successfully delivered a few swaps, ask your swap partner who else they would recommend.

This is the quickest and best way to get more swap partners.

In order to be successful, you need to make sure that what you are promoting to your list is both relevant to your list and contains good content once you begin sending solo ad swaps to your email list. You should test out your partner’s squeeze page before sending a solo ad swap email. 

Joining their list will give you the opportunity to notice if they are promoting a product you dislike, or if their pages are broken.

Whatever you send to your list, whether it’s a solo ad swap email, pure content email, or your own promotional email, make sure it contains good content and the link takes your subscribers to pages that are actually helpful to them. In order to succeed in the long run, you must maintain a strong relationship with your list.

Using solo ads and solo ad swaps from the beginning can bring you a lot of subscribers. But let’s look at a few other methods now.

Free WSO:

You should pay attention to this section of the Warrior Forum if you are in the internet marketing niche. WSO stands for Warrior Special Offer, which is a promotional area within the forum. 

With the Warrior Forum being one of the top internet marketing forums, this is a great place to advertise your products.

For a listing fee of $40, you can put publish a WSO.

As with a solo ad (which costs on average $40 per 100 clicks), you may see similar results with a WSO, but you may also see much better results.

WSOs are in forums where posts move down the page and onto the next page based on how many new posts there are. Therefore, you can’t guarantee any number of clicks or sales.

There are times when you see a few results, and there are times when you see massive results.

You could post a FREE WSO, don’t charge for it, instead of posting 99% of WSOs that are paid.

Having something for free can attract a lot of attention since most are paid. One thing to remember in marketing is to be different, and stand out from the crowd. Posting a WSO that is for free is being unique.

Your product must be 100% your own, not reworked or resold.

Because of this, I understand that it may take some extra time to put together a WSO, but trust me, it never hurts to have something totally your own. Even after the product is posted, you can re-use it wherever and however you wish.

It can be a PDF report, video, graphic, or anything else with a hot topic. The more you talk about it, the hotter it is, and the better results you will see.

 Check out the forum to find out what other people are talking about, and what questions are being asked. 

Then do some research to find out the answers and make a simple product based on those answers.

A sales letter will then be required for the WSO thread to entice viewers to buy your product. The better your sales letter is written, the more likely the viewer is to assume that the product is a paid product if you write it the same way you would for a paid product. They will be shocked when they discover that the product is free at the bottom of the sales letter!

Once the download button has been redirected to the squeeze page, your subscribers will be able to opt-in. Creating a new squeeze page for the free WSO may be necessary as your original one may not work as well.

Send them a follow-up email once they opt into the list, and then redirect them to the download page for that product.

What about your one-time offer? 

Using one for this is also possible. You can either replace the redirect download page with an offer, or you can let them know about the OTO in your first follow-up email. You can even use other WSOs you become an affiliate for to be the OTO. However you choose to post the WSO, you will still need an OTO to offset the costs.

I want to mention something slightly different about this free WSO. Just like the other methods, you will build a list using this method. 

However, what if you charge a small fee instead of giving it away for free? 

I’m not talking about charging the same price as a regular product, but something small, for example, $1 – $5.

Why would you want to do this? 

A list of buyers is much more valuable than a list of subscribers who have not yet proven their ability to purchase. By offering your product for a very low price you will build a list of subscribers who are capable of spending money online, while not turning many people away because of a higher price.

To get 1,000 subscribers quickly, I recommend offering your WSO for free and then using the low-cost method later to build your list of buyers.

Other List Building Methods:

In addition to the above methods, there are still other ways to build a list, so I wanted to mention them still.

Blogging, social media (Facebook, Twitter), and YouTube videos are excellent ways to supplement your overall list building, but they are not the fastest.

You can build a big list using a blog to attract traffic, having your opt-in form on the side of your blog. However, blogging as a list-building strategy requires time to build traffic to your blog. When you begin seeing a significant amount of traffic, it will likely take several months to build up an email list of a decent size.

Facebook is very effective. You can build email lists with them, but you will not see immediate results. 

You will need to first build up a following on Facebook and YouTube and then redirect visitors to your squeeze page to add them to your list. 

What I would recommend would be to use these other methods to help build your list in the long-term, don’t do it for quick results or else you will be disappointed. 

Realize that your overall marketing efforts should contain these other methods (and others too) for the most impact in the coming months and years, but if you are trying to build your list to 1,000 subscribers quickly, then focus on the first mentioned methods.


Take Action!

It may take some time to set up, but just remember not to focus so much on it that you fail to build your list. 

Don’t worry about getting everything perfect yet, you can always edit your pages later. Once you have your pages and opt-in form set up, you can start building your list.

For the best results, combine as many methods as possible at the same time.

Start building your list now; don’t delay!

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