11 Powerful Social Media Content Ideas You Can Leverage for Your Business

social media content ideas

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Social Media marketing has predominantly become one of the most significant ways of marketing and promoting businesses.

Social media has been exposed to a high amount of users and its one of the platforms you can easily get to the faces of targeted people.

Posting on Social Media could be overwhelming, having great content ideas is one of the key reasons for a successful social media campaign.

A comprehensive list of social media marketing method has been compiled to make sure you never run of posts ideas that could your brand and business to the next level.

The comprehensive list consists of various types of content ideas from promotional posts to personal and business-related promotional ideas, the list is likely to prove more useful to business marketers and social media users over a very long time.

1. Famous and Inspirational quotes

Social media users are highly attracted to quotes and sayings from famous people or people with high authority of high authority.

When such types of quotes are included with promotional materials, its most likely people find it desirable without missing the intent of the promotion.

In using such quotes, attributing them to its high authority source is the key in this situation, once people find them desirable, they will also get read the goods and services information promoted in that regards.

2.Creative fill-in-the-blanks posts

People (Social Media Users inclusive) are Naturally anxiety provoked.
A simple Fill in-the-blanks posts are posts that people never always want to let pass them. These types of posts are highly desirable and attract a lot of engagement.
A good example of fill-in-the-blank is:
If I had the chance to meet Barack Obama, I would ………

3. Engagement Polls

Running polls on social Media Platforms can go a long way of increasing traffic and also creating engagement for a given post.

Social media platforms like Facebook Twitter and Instagram offer built-in polls that are easy to use and access.
Create engaging polls that seek to know the level to which your products and services are accepted by its customers.

Polls that involves a simple “Yes or No” answer seems to be useful in this regard.

4. Behind-the-scenes-Photos

The everyday social media user is used to monotonous promos and offerings like telling potential consumers why your goods or services is the best in the market and displaying its competitive advantage. It is always the order of the day.

However, posting behind the scenes that show how good or services are being produced or used by consumers could be a clever step.

It’s like bringing people into your business world and letting them know to you go about the products or services that they consume.

5. Recycling Old posts

Recycling your Old post that did well is a great source of generating traffic for your page.

Based on the fact that the post once performed well, there is a higher tendency of it performing well again, when your post after some time.

This should be done mainly for expired posts with no active engagement or discussion. Once interesting, always interesting.

6. Info-graphics Posts

Info-graphics are very engaging. Most social media user love and interact more which pictorial representation as compared to written information.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you spice up your promotional materials with pictures and branded images.

Of course, this will prove to your audience and show how committed you are in the information you put across to them.

7. Offering Expert Tips

Expert Tips make your customers or prospects believe in what you offer them.

Buyers are usually indecisive especially when it has to do with finding the best product or service that will meet their various needs at the best price possible.

They always need a double check that what you offer them is exactly what they need and the solution to their problem.

Therefore, they need to hear it from an expert in a particular niche.

8. Tell a Story about Your Products

There’s always a story behind every product. Yours should be any different.

You could tell a story about the idea behind the idea product, or your product or how you felt or made someone feel using your product, or the inspiration.

Something quite engaging and emotional.

This can create an emotional connection between you and your prospects.

If you share a Story involving a problem you once faced, before finding a Solution — which is your product, most people that are currently facing such Problems will be convinced that your goods/products are the solutions they need.

Great, storytelling is one the keys to crushing it on Social Media.

You can check out How to Use Social Media Storytelling to Skyrocket Your Engagement

9. Giveaway

Everybody loves free stuff. I’m not excluded.

Giveaways always bring about a lot of Engagement especially if it’s a product desired by most people.

Giveaways usually come with sets of rules from the host, to determine the winner in the end.

10. Valuable Information

Giveaway a piece of valuable information, that everyone is hiding.

Yes! Give out an Information they can’t get elsewhere for free and they will give you their trust in return.

Of course, once you’ve proven that you are sure of what you are doing.

They will be willing to trust you with their money.

You could provide the information in different formats, like Videos, Audios or plain Text.

You could also create a sales funnel that sends them the Information, probably in a document – once they input their email address.

11. Testimonials

A testimonial is one of the most powerful Weapons of Marketing. It is.

If done correctly, it could lead to more sales.

Some prospects, need just one little push, for you to close the sale.

That could be a testimonial from another customer that has purchased from you, loved your product and won’t stop talking about it.

So what’s stopping you from putting that out there?


These Social media content ideas should be a guide to creating compelling contents online. Contents that your audience wants to see.

Content creation is not easy and it takes a lot of time, but it could be worth it if done properly.

Which of these social media content ideas have you tried and has worked well for you? What other content ideas do you know that wasn’t listed here?

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