15 Badass SEO Tools: The Experts’ Picks for 2023

Top 17 Badass SEO Tools The Experts' Picks for 2021

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In 2023, SEO is still a crucial component of the success of any website.

With so many different strategies and SEO tools available, it can be difficult to know which ones are the best for your business.

SEO techniques have also evolved, with search engine algorithms changing annually.

The importance of search engine optimization to a website cannot be underestimated, and as such many businesses are looking for ways to optimize their site’s ranking on major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

This blog post will highlight 15 SEO Tools that experts say will give you an edge in 2021, and take your website from good to great!

The Best SEO Tools in 2021


#1 Ahrefs


Top 17 Badass SEO Tools The Experts' Picks for 2021

Ahrefs is arguably one of the best SEO tools out there. SEO experts love using Ahrefs’ Site Audit feature as it’s the best SEO analysis tool around.

The Ahrefs’ Site Audit feature shows what parts of your website need improvements to rank better in search engines.

From a competitor analysis perspective, you can also Ahrefs to determine your competitor’s backlinks to use them as a starting point for your own brand.

You can also use this SEO tool to find the most linked content within your niche, check and fix broken links on your website, and get an overview of your best-performing pages (so you can see what article/information is attracting the website visitors).


#2  Semrush

SEMRush SEO Tools

Semrush is one of the best SEO tools for monitoring your search engine rankings. Semrush will provide you with a full report on how Google, Bing, and Yahoo rank your website.

The tool has an uptime checker to ensure that when you use it, the results are accurate (and this feature alone can save business owners hours of frustration).

In addition to these features, Semrush has a site auditor that offers you information on how search engines view your website.

This includes things like the number of pages indexed by Google and other key metrics to ensure that your SEO efforts are as effective as possible.


#3 Google Search Console

Google Search Console SEO Tools


While Google Analytics is helpful for SEO, the Google Search Console can be just as powerful.

The tool allows business owners to monitor their website’s performance on search engines and gain insights into things like keyword rankings and indexation status in a user-friendly interface that tablets well for both desktop use and mobile access.

The Free plan has everything an entrepreneur needs to see how they are ranking organically on Google with full access to crawl errors, sitemaps (which help you find pages your site doesn’t have indexed), rank data, and more!


#4 Ubersuggest

Uber suggest seoo tools


Ubersuggest is a simple SEO tool that gives you the ability to quickly search for keywords.

By typing a word or phrase into the Ubersuggest box, you are able to see popular keyword suggestions and also find out how competitive those keywords are based on Google AdWords competition data.

This information can help you determine which words have traffic potential (and will give your website an edge when it comes time for organic ranking).


#5 Moz Pro

Moz Pro SEO Tools

The Moz Pro subscription is the cream of the crop when it comes to SEO tools.

Moz offers a variety of useful features including keyword research, link-building opportunities that you can pursue to help your website rank better organically, and content marketing ideas (like what keywords should be included in blog posts).

Moz also has an industry-leading library of educational resources for both beginner and professional search marketers alike!


#6 KWFinder



KWFinder is a robust SEO tool that has the ability to improve your website’s organic ranking.

By using this search engine optimization service, you can find and analyze keywords, get competitor data (including backlinks), view SERP features, and highlight top pages on your site for specific terms or phrases in order to understand what content brings search traffic into your online business, run detailed tests on page titles and descriptions of each webpage on your site to see which ones are most successful at drawing in new visitors from search engines, calculate estimated click-through rates based off keyword rankings you’re seeing with KW Finder’s rank tracker feature


#7 SpyFU

15 Badass SEO Tools: The Experts' Picks for 2023 1 trendsleek web design creative agency


SpyFU offers a wide range of SEO tools that you can use to make your website more visible online.

Some of the most useful features include backlink analysis (to help you identify how other websites are linking to yours), rank and SERP tracking, domain comparisons against competitors, keyword research reports (which tell you which keywords have traffic potential for your site), and reports on search engine rankings in over 50 countries across multiple languages!


#8 WooRank

Woo Rank SEO Tools


Woorank is another powerful SEO tool that offers a wide variety of robust features.

The free version delivers keyword suggestions, site audits, and competitor analysis (which can help you find keywords to target organically).

However, the Pro subscription also allows users access to mobile optimization reports as well as more in-depth information about domains linking back to their own — including links from Google+, Facebook pages, Twitter profiles, and YouTube channels!


#9 Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner


Google’s Keyword Planner is a keyword research tool that can help you find new keywords to target organically.

By using the search volume data on this free service, you can determine which terms have traffic potential and focus your attention (and potentially your budget) there when it comes time for paid advertising campaigns.

Also included in Google AdWords are tools designed specifically for mobile applications like app analytics reports, ad customizers, account management options (like budgets & bids), performance metrics, and more!

Finally, business owners should take advantage of the conversion tracking feature found in Google Analytics as it will tell them exactly how many people click their ads before converting into actual paying customers!


#10 Rank Maths

Rank Maths


Rank Maths is a powerful WordPress SEO plugin designed to help you get more organic search traffic.

Some of the most useful tools include rank checking (which allows users to track their rankings for specific keywords), site analysis, 404 Monitors, redirection, SERP reporting (to see where your website ranks in Google’s results pages for different queries) as well as keyword research reports!

Rank Maths also comes with detailed documentation on how each feature works so it’s easy enough for beginner marketers or business owners who are just starting out with building a digital marketing strategy.


#11 Answer the Public

answer the public

Answer The Public is an SEO tool that helps with keyword research and shows you what users are actually searching for.

In addition to being able to find new keywords, Answer the Public also gives users insight into how well search engines understand certain queries as it displays autocomplete suggestions (which are based on what other people searched for online).


#12 BuzzSumo


Buzzsumo SEO Tool


Buzzsumo is a powerful social media analytics software that lets marketers see which content performs best across different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn in order to improve their own strategies moving forward.

In addition, business owners using this SEO tool have access to advanced analytics like user demographics and influencer reports.

This allows them to better understand their audiences, identify industry leaders who can help with promotion efforts as well as see how many people are sharing different types of content (which is incredibly useful when it comes time for building links).


#13 Keyword.io




Keyword.io is a powerful keyword research tool that can help with uncovering new keywords to target organically.

The free version offers unlimited monthly searches, but the paid subscription comes with many other useful tools like automatic search volume updates as well as data on country-specific results so you don’t just have information about Google for English queries!


#14 MozBar

15 Badass SEO Tools: The Experts' Picks for 2023 2 trendsleek web design creative agency

MozBar is a browser extension (for Chrome and Firefox) that lets users see the Domain Authority, Page Authority, and backlink metrics for any given page they are visiting online.

This can be incredibly useful when it comes time to build links as you’ll know which sites have good domain authority and tend to rank well organically before spending your own resources on outreach campaigns!


#15 Site liner

Siteliner seo tool

Site liner is a free SEO tool that lets users check their websites for common errors and fix them before they become problems.

This can be really useful when it comes to avoiding spammy links, duplicate content, and more!

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There are a lot of SEO tools available, but not all the ones you’ll find will be equally as effective.

Get started with our list and then see if there are any other free or paid services that might work better for your needs.

Now, I’d like to hear from you.

Which of these SEO Tools have you used?

Let me know by leaving a comment below right NOW.

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